Michigan Patient Experience of Care Initiative (MiPEC)

The Michigan Patient Experience of Care Initiative, or MiPEC, is a voluntary, statewide, collaborative initiative established to fill unmet needs related to measuring, reporting and improving patient experience of care in the physician practice setting. The mission of MiPEC is to measure, report on and improve patient experience of care through creating and utilizing one standardized statewide initiative. To see MiPEC 2016 statewide patient survey results by physician organization, please visit myCareCompare.org

Important Documents

MiPEC Overview
Implementation Guide
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Connecting to the Beryl Institute and HealthDoers Network

MiPEC 2nd Annual Improvement Summit - 2017

Bish Bashara's Keynote Presentation and Workshop Handouts
Karen D. DeCuir-DiNicola's Keynote Presentation

MiPEC Annual Improvement Summit - 2016

Meeting Presentation
Zingerman's Handout: "Building Culture of Service"
Team Time Worksheet

Improvement Webinars

Engaging Physicians to Improve PEC - October 13, 2016


For more information, please contact the MiPEC staff:
Lisa Mason

Bob Parrish