Southeast Michigan Alliance for Addiction-Free Communities

What is SEMAAC?

The Greater Detroit Area Health Council (GDAHC) founded the Southeast Michigan Alliance for Addiction-Free Communities (SEMAAC) task force in 2017. As a response to the ongoing opioid epidemic’s impact on southeast Michigan, SEMAAC was formed to bring together a broad coalition of healthcare, government, business, and nonprofit organizations to fight substance abuse by developing realistic prevention plans, increase education and awareness of substance use disorders, and aid in making access to treatment more equitable. SEMAAC aims to be a resource to employers, provide substance abuse recovery support and education, and above all else, empower our community by providing regional leadership.

Who is SEMAAC?

SEMAAC is an inclusive taskforce representing the diverse and distinct voices of southeastern Michigan. The SEMAAC table consists of voices from local, state, and federal governments; state and county-level health departments; area hospital systems and health plans; community-level organizations; local and national employers; local and national nonprofits; and other community stakeholders. In accordance with our Mission, Vision & Values, GDAHC continues to build the coalition by developing strategic partnerships so that we can fight this crisis from all angles. Only together can we end the opioid crisis and create truly addiction-free communities.

What does SEMAAC do?

Currently, SEMAAC is working to connect resources in a concentrated effort to provide them to our community, which is experiencing great distress from the opioid epidemic. This includes the following issues:

  • Educate and demonstrate ways to improve gaps in the healthcare system for opioid patients
  • Conduct regional conversations to solve the opioid crisis in southeast Michigan
  • Develop a web-based toolkit to promote resources and collaboration in our region

SEMAAC is actively seeking funding with GDAHC’s oversight. As an established backbone organization and leader in collective impact for over 70 years, GDAHC leverages the strength of collaboration to deliver upon our Vision for southeastern Michigan: “Healthy People. Healthy Economy.” This makes GDAHC the perfect organization to lead a task force like SEMAAC.