Health Plans

The Greater Detroit Area Health Council (GDAHC) is committed to transforming the health care system by incentivizing appropriate, high-quality health care. Health plans can contribute to this goal by participating on the GDAHC teams below. If you are interested in participating in or have questions about these teams, please contact Lisa Mason, Vice President of Cost Quality, at or (313)596-0811.

Measurement and Reporting Team

The Measurement and Reporting Team oversees GDAHC’s public reporting on, including our Physician Organization Reports, which measure the performance of more than 4,000 physicians in southeast Michigan. The team is responsible for identifying, adding and/or modifying clinical conditions for performance measurement and public reporting. To view a list of the Measurement and Reporting Team members, click here.

Patient Experience of Care Workgroup

The Michigan Patient Experience of Care Workgroup was formed in partnership with Alliance for Health from west Michigan to expand the number of practices measuring patient experience of care and to assist practices in implementing activities to improve patients’ care experiences. To view a list of the Patient Experience of Care Workgroup members, click here.

Diabetes Self-Management Education Team

The Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Team provides oversight for the DSME Pilot, the goal of which is to increase the percentage of people in southeast Michigan with diabetes who have learned and adopted adherence to treatment behavior changes. Nearly half of all people with diabetes have received no education to understand the disease and to learn and adopt the necessary behavior changes in their daily life. To reverse these startling figures, GDAHC partnered with Medical Network One, who provided the training, to take diabetes self-management education into the workplace and union halls. Final results from the pilot will be available in early 2013. To view a list of the Diabetes Self-Management Education Team members, click here.