Race, Ethnicity, and Language Committee Members

Antoinette G. Green, CHE
Trinity Health System

Monty Fakhouri
Beaumont Health Systems


Health System Members
Cheryl Webster–Miller
Beaumont Health Systems

Sidney Lowery
Detroit Medical Center

Mohammad (Moe) Rustom
Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center

Quentin Moore
Trinity Health System

David Rupprecht
St. John Providence Health System

Jeanne Parzuchowski
Beaumont Cancer Institute

Tsu-Yin Wu
Healthy Asian Americans Project

Denise White-Perkins, MD, PhD
Henry Ford Health Systems


Health Plans
Jim Forshee
Molina Health

Dana Brown
Molina Health

Affaf Arabbo
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI


Health Departments/Public Health Organization Members
Monica Kwasnik,
Michigan Department of Community Health

Leseliey R. Welch
Institute for Population of Health (IPH)

Sheryl Weir
Michigan Department of Minority Health


Community/Consumer/Advocate Organizations Members>
Ray Lozano
New Detroit Inc.

Parada Jordan
Voices of Detroit Initiative

Ilene (Stormie) Weathers
Consumer Representative


Physician Providers/Ambulatory Care Members
Rodger Prong
Oakland Physician Network Services

Erminia Ramirez
CHASS Center