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Race, Ethnicity, and Language (REaL) Campaign

The REaL Committee’s purpose is to ensure that hospitals and ambulatory providers in southeast Michigan are collecting self-reported race, ethnicity, and primary language data consistently. Recently, the REaL committee developed a toolkit to raise awareness and provide direction on this important issue.

REaL Campaign Video

Language is the Heart of Patient Safety with Moe Rustom

Click on the items below to view or download the toolkit:
Standardized REaL Data Collection Form
National Health Disparities Report
Using HIT for REaL Data Collection
HHS Disparity Plan
IOM Sub-Committee Report
Sample Business Case
REaL Educational Poster - English
REaL Educational Poster - Spanish

To view a list of the REaL Committee members, click here.

Emergency Department Utilization Resources

GDAHC’s multi-stakeholder EDU Team develops strategies to reduce emergency department use for primary care physician (PCP) treatable conditions.

The EDU Team developed a poster that guides patients on the appropriate use of the emergency department using the visual aid of a "stoplight." The Emergency Department Stoplight Poster is available in various sizes, free of charge, for your organizations' use. To reserve your posters, click the following link: Interest Form

The Emergency Department Stoplight Poster is also available for you to download and print on your own. Click on the following link: Emergency Department Stoplight Poster and Emergency Department Stoplight Brochure.

The EDU Team used strategies related to improving access to primary care physicians in a successful pilot program with Oakland Southfield Physicians and Blue Care Network. To access the Toolkit items used in the EDU Pilot, please click on the following links:
Welcome Letter
Access to Care Policy
After-Hours Telephone Script
Post-ED Visit Letter

For helpful tips on how to use the Toolkit, please click on the following Implementation Guide.

To learn more about the GDAHC EDU Pilot, please see the EDU Pilot Description and the PCP Access Pilot Background (click here for the detailed version).

To view a list of the former Emergency Department Utilization Team members, click here.

Hypertension Intervention Project

The Hypertension Intervention Project worked to create a number of videos that directly address hypertension and how to treat it. There are a wealth of videos, and you may view them by disk here:
Disk 1
Disk 2
Disk 3

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